HV Safety


  • Power Distribution to UNECE         Reg 100

  • HV Harness Design

  • Mechanical Integration and Testing


IN-RDVS are experts in power distribution systems for all types of alternative fuel vehicles. Our systems are able to manage the high voltage system of a vehicle in a manner compliant to the requirements of UNECE Reg 100 and implement a range of functions that give our customers confidence in the integrity and safety of the HV system.

We offer expertise in high voltage harness design including the selection of appropriate connectors, cabling, routing and fuses, and include the implementation of interlock loop systems (HVIL).

We design power distribution systems that contain isolation contactors, welded contact detection, HV fault detection systems, fusing, PWM control and isolation testing with multi-level user warnings to suit our customers’ safety goals.

We offer advice and design services for the mechanical integration of power distribution and harnesses in EVs, FCEVs and Hybrid vehicles and can offer facilities to test these products on vehicle. We are also able to support our customer’s manufacturing engineering team in plant with installation.

Systems can be designed from a clean sheet of paper or adapted to existing vehicle platforms. We have experience in working on a wide range of platform types from motorbikes to commercial vehicles. Our HV safety skills are fully integrated with our offerings in vehicle architecture, LV harness design and component design.