Niche Component Development


  • Prototyping

  • Software

  • Mechanical Hardware

  • Electronic Design

IN-RDVS provides innovative electrical & electronic components that optimise the performance of vehicle systems.

Built on our proven state-of-the-art technology platforms, we design and manufacture electronic components to customer requirements. We are skilled in both low and high voltage vehicle components and deliver all aspects of the product – electronics, software, mechanical.

Previous projects have included:

  • HV Power Distribution System
  • DC/DC Converter
  • CAN Instrument Cluster Interface
  • HV Climate Interface ECU
  • Pre-charge control module
  • Body Control System
  • Fuel Cell electronic controls

Some examples of components we have designed and built in the past:

DC/DC Converter                                  Coil Economiser



Body Control Module                            Precharge Module