Whole Vehicle Electrical System Design


  • Interface Analysis

  • Harness Design

  • Circuit Diagram

  • RFI Design

  • EMC

  • Integration

  • EMC Analysis

  • Prototyping


In any analysis of the electrical system for a whole vehicle, there are many factors to take into account. We have spent many years across many projects building up the knowledge to ensure that the systems we design will work and are robust. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, designing to avoid RFI or EMC issues, carrying out interface analyses so that inputs and outputs are matched, and circuit diagrams and harness designs which are completed in a thorough manner utilising industry tools such as VeSys.

We have in-house prototyping and small volume manufacturing capability for all harness work, both traditional vehicle 12V systems and HV cables for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles. We have designed and manufactured HV cables for systems capable of 600V+.

At IN-RDVS we are aware of the demands of engineering high voltage systems, as we are one of the few companies in the UK who can boast of having engineers who have been involved in designing and developing Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles for over fifteen years. Engineering in this specialist area covers both electrical and mechanical disciplines, and currently most practising engineers do not have the experience to cover this work.  We are rightly proud of our rare expertise in this area of the automotive industry, and can add significant value to our customers.