Architecture Design


  • Requirements Capture & Cascade

  • System Design

  • Signal Definition

  • Functional Partitioning

  • Component Specifications

  • Electrical Integration

  • Network Design


IN-RDVS has experience in both delivering whole new electrical architectures, and in adding systems and components onto existing architectures.

Requirements Capture: Working with the customer, IN-RDVS can capture and document the high level requirements.

System Design: Based on requirements, including any carry over requirements IN-RDVS will design each system.

Signal Definition: Define the signals that are required to support the introduction of the new system designs.

Functional Partitioning: Very rarely does a new vehicle architecture use all new components. IN-RDVS can design the architecture and functional partitioning around carry over systems and components.

Specification & Component Delivery: Once the architecture design and functional partitioning is complete, IN-RDVS can generate the component hardware and software specifications, and then either working with a component supplier, or using IN-RDVS as the supplier, manage the timely delivery of the system components.

Electrical Integration: When the first components are available, IN-RDVS will build a Labcar, or smaller system test rigs, where network testing, integration testing, and functional testing will be carried out. Where possible, this will use automated test scripts to speed up the process.