Build and Test Support


  • Prototype Build Team Training

  • Diagnostics

  • Manufacturing EOL Testing and Support

  • Labcar Build and Management


At IN-RDVS, we understand that once a product has been made, it then needs to be built into the customer’s final product, and that the customer usually needs some assistance. With all of our engineering work, we include onsite commissioning and build support that can include training for key staff, or assistance with end of line testing. Assessment of pre-production faults, using and developing diagnostic systems has become a specialist area for us, as components and systems become ever more complex.

For our automotive clients we can offer detailed Labcar support, from building the rig to carrying out detailed component testing and sign off, and control of software version levels as the product progresses.

On significant projects that require environmental testing in specific locations, we can offer on-site support for detailed testing of products or systems. Our engineers have experience of both hot and cold testing in arduous environments.