Battery Electronics


Battery Management System (BMS)

We have developed our own complete Battery Management System. Covering all aspects of the battery including cell management & balancing, contactor control, motor pre-charge and isolation monitoring, the system allows easy configuration to suit vehicle requirements and the chosen cell chemistry.

An innovative architecture minimises the cable harness within the battery, which keeps measurements accurate, increases reliability and reduces cost. The software architecture is configured to allow customers to insert their own software functions, such as SOC algorithms.

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Battery Management Board (BMB)

The RDVS Battery Management Boards are built in a modular design with each BMB capable of interfacing from 5 to 12 cells. Up to 15 modules can be connected together giving a total of 180 series cells possible per Integrated Battery Interface System. Our BMBs provide:

  • Individual cell monitoring for over/under voltage, plus over/under temperature limits
  • Integrated passive cell balancing
  • Independent hardware safety shutdown incorporated in all modules
  • Hardware design features redundancy to allow validation of analogue measurements
  • Robust ISO 11898-2 CAN protocol used for all off PCB communications
  • Modules can be powered from low voltage systems, or self power from the cells they are monitoring
  • Very low standby power <100uA per 12 cells
  • Low operating current <25mA per 12 cells
  • Only 8 electrical connections required between modules using a compact but robust JST automotive connector

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Integrated Battery Interface System (IBIS)

Our IBISs provide system integration and customer interface along with pre-charge functions, isolation monitoring, contactor control and other LV inputs and outputs. The key features include:

  • Compliance with Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) requirements
  • Modular system capable of supporting up to 100 IBIS units in one large battery system
  • HV bus operating range 50 to 720V DC
  • LV system operates from 9 to 16V DC
  • Provides current sourced HVIL loop for rest of HV system
  • Provides interface and power to BMB modules allowing simple cable harness
  • Can be configured for 1 or 2 strings of batteries
  • Accurate current sensing incorporated with resolution down to 10mA for small currents, capable of 150A maximum
  • Provides SOC, DOD and SOH data via CAN interface
  • Isolation monitoring allows vehicle compliance with UNECE Regulation 100 legislation
  • Capable of interfacing to vehicle immobilisation systems

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