Substainable World @ SERT 2011

RDVS had a very interesting few days Exhibiting at The UKTI – SERT 2011.

15-17 March

Location: Henry Ford College, Loughborough

SERT is a three day congress that will address the question of whole-life cycle environmental impact (such as the impact of vehicle emissions and broader environmental impact) of alternative road transport technologies and how these compare with conventional vehicles throughout the life of a vehicle. It will also include elements detailing how Intelligent Transport Systems can assist in this area.

The event will give UK companies the chance to meet with an international delegation of buyers and will be supported by a range of key UK players in the sector such as Cenex, ITS.

SERT 2011 will cover 4 key technology streams;

  1. Powertrain – including improvements to ICEs; energy storage and management; electric machines and power electronics.
  2. Advanced materials – including materials and design for light weighting of vehicle and powertrain structures.
  3. ITS – including ITS involvement with low carbon strategy and electric charging infrastructure.
  4. International Opportunities.