SERT@GVC 2012 – 21st – 22nd March

Wednesday 21 March and Thursday 22 March 2012 at the Henry Ford College, Loughborough

SERT@GVC, which takes place at the Henry Ford College in Loughborough on the 21st and 22nd March 2012, is the second SERT event organised by UK Trade and Investment and delivered this year in partnership with the Transport KTN and Cenex. SERT explores key themes contributing to efficient transport including vehicle lightweighting, energy efficient powertrains and intelligent mobility as an aid to efficient vehicle movements in a congested transport network.
This year SERT has been combined with Cenex’ Green Vehicle Congress (GVC) to deliver a single unified event, for UK and international technology developers communities, dedicated to exploring the innovation opportunities associated with energy efficient transport. The event has a strong automotive focus but in partnership with the Transport KTN, SERT@GVC seeks to explore cross cutting opportunities in rail and marine. SERT@GVC, is also supported by the Midlands Transport iNet and the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network.
The two-day event, which is expected to attract up to 200 delegates, features UK and International speakers participating in seminars and workshops addressing challenges within key technology themes that contribute to sustainable and efficient road transport.