RDVS present at IDP10 networking day

RDVS attended the Integrated Development Programme 10 (IDP10) networking event, held in the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. The event was well attended with almost 400 people from across the industry turning up to discuss the latest in low carbon vehicle technology, and the latest partnership opportunities.

RDVS had a strong presence at the event, with an exhibitor stand featuring our components display cabinet, as well as taking the opportunity for the first time to pitch to all the attendees in the main hall.

The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Building an automotive supply chain of the future’, which fits in very closely with the core competencies that RDVS has. For those who are unaware of what IDP competitions feature, the Technology Strategy Board writes:

“The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £10m in highly innovative collaborative R&D projects in the field of low carbon vehicles, closely aligned with the aims of the newly announced Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and the joint government and industry automotive sector industrial strategy.

The APC will help to develop, commercialise and enable the manufacture of advanced propulsion technologies in the UK. It is intended that completed projects in this competition will demonstrate a strong potential for industrialisation and will therefore act as a feeder into the APC.

Projects must be collaborative and business-led. Companies working outside the automotive sector that can bring technical expertise and knowledge to a consortium are particularly welcome. We expect total eligible project costs to be between £2m and £5m. The majority of funding will be allocated to proposals for industrial research attracting funding of up to 60% of project costs, although elements of experimental development (attracting funding of up to 35%) are expected in some cases. Projects are expected to last between 18 and 36 months.”

RDVS is aiming to build on the success we have had with IDP projects in the past, and it looks as though IDP10 offers the opportunity to develop something that will not only benefit us, but also create strong IP that will strengthen UK plc. as a whole.