About Us

IN-RDVS is an Indian Joint Venture between UK-based RDVS and India-based IN Engineering. RDVS is an electrical engineering specialist delivering whole vehicle electrical and hybrid projects, as well as niche electronic component designs such as Battery Management Systems. IN Engineering has expertise in a range of automotive engineering services and provides consulting for the automotive sector throughout India and beyond with its other global joint ventures. Drawing on the experience of our staff who have backgrounds from throughout the automotive sector, we possess a deep level of expertise across a very wide range of electronic systems, such as battery electronics, high voltage power systems, body electronics, off-board and test systems.

IN-RDVS has developed electrical and electronic systems for all leading vehicle propulsion technologies including ICE, Hybrid, PHEV, EV, Fuel Cell and Flywheel Hybrid. These have been applied to all number of vehicle types from 2-wheelers to military vehicles, and from early prototypes and motorsport to production vehicles.